Experienced with Sourcing

Our Standard Range

Rose Bay have been importing large volumes of quality sofas for over 10 years and in that time we have built sound relationships with our factories across the world. These factories source good quality components to make their sofas whilst still offering Rose Bay the ability to provide our customers with affordable prices and quality.

We use a UK based sourcing company that checks not only the quality of the product but works with the factories to maintain high standards throughout their working processes. This has ensured that over our 10 years in business, we have maintained what must be one of the lowest return rates of any wholesaler in the United Kingdom.

All our product lines are continuously available and each product runs for a minimum of two years; although some of the more popular models have been running for longer. For up to date stock information please call or email us.

The Rose Bay range covers standard sofas, corner units and recliner sofas. Most models are carried in stock for immediate delivery in two colours – chocolate and black. In a number of product lines we also offer cream and red, but with limited stock available.